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Students and artists create a unique floating island.

The island, created by students and artists, is made of plastic and other waste.

Srishti Girls Football Team
Srishti Girls Football Team

Srishti Girls Football team visited Stonehill International school on 22 Sep 18 to play a friendly match against their team.


Three agential cuts about climate change through Critical Zones in India, Egypt and Germany (2018-20).

2019 Flaherty Seminar Programmer – Shai Heredia

The Flaherty is excited to announce that Shai Heredia will be the 2019 Flaherty Seminar Programmer.

Sarah Dear
Technology that is helping to make things better by design

Sarah Dear has seen a lot changes in the design industry during her career but the lack of talent now coming through is something she is determined


Art in Transit | Arzu Mistry | TEDxMAIS

How often have we contemplated the role of art in our lives? To what extent does it influence our perspectives? Educator and artist Arzu Mistry focuses on questions like these to plant fundamental ideas in our minds - the exploration of art as an alternative form of learning, the role it plays in building sustainable inclusive communities, and the relationship we have with it. Sharing her work with the Bangalore Metro, she displays how art exists in so many forms, and the impact it has on all types of individuals, effectively portraying art as a concept that encourages a reflection of our views on communication, education, gender, & various aspects of culture.

Research and Collaboration

In addition to our programs, we have a number of centers and labs that are engaged in research and practice, design and development. View >>