Programs, Levels and Awards 2017-18

Srishti offers six different academic programs with different durations of study for students at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research levels. Each program leads to a different award, such as a Diploma, Bachelor’s, Masters or PhD award. The range of awards offered is:

Programs, Levels and Awards under University of Mysore 2017-18

1. Undergraduate Technical Program

Bachelor of Vocation (3 years)

2. Undergraduate Professional Program

Bachelor of Design (4 years)
Bachelor of Creative Arts (4 years)

3. Postgraduate Diploma Program

Postgraduate Diploma Program (1 year)

4. Postgraduate Professional Program

Master of Design (2 years)
Master of Creative Arts (2 years)
Master of Planning (2 years)

5. Postgraduate Program in Arts

Master of Arts (2 years - Full Mode)

Manipal Academy of Higher Education 2017-18

1. Doctoral Program

PhD in Art & Design (3-4 years)

Transdisciplinary University – TDU 2017-18

1. Research Programs

Master of Arts by Research
Integrated MA by Research and PhD

Program Flow with Entry and Exit Points 2017-18

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Program Structures 2017-18

Programs are structured with a hierarchy of categories with the nomenclature listed below. Each program offers a range of courses that are comprised of a set of modules with discrete learning units. Learning units are designed to meet the learning objectives at a particular level.


(Three Levels)
Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral


(Four Types of Awards)
Diploma, Bachelors, Masters and PhD


(Six Programs)
Undergraduate Technical, Undergraduate Professional, Postgraduate Diploma, Postgraduate Professional, Postgraduate Arts and Doctoral

(Several courses of specialized or interdisciplinary study are offered under each of the six programs, such as Public Space Design, Film, Digital Media Arts etc.)

(Each course is comprised of a set of modules)

Learning Units
(Each module is comprised of a series of discrete learning units)

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