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Srishti Labs (Slabs)

A Center of Human-Centered Innovation and Experience Design

“Discovering compelling breakthroughs for grand challenges in Indian society”

We see India as a rich, heterogeneous, emerging, and fertile ground for real-world innovation. Srishti Labs embraces “India as a Lab” for exploring design-led, radically innovative, and empathetic solutions, for highly complex, real-world problems.

Srishti Labs’ outputs are oriented towards industry, NGOs, and policy makers. We work across sectors such as healthcare, finance, education, employment and democracy.

Vision & Mission

Managed by industry professionals trainined in multi-disciplinary innovation and foresighting, Srishti Labs (S.Labs) is a center for innovation & experience design at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. Conceived in 2009 as a hybrid, bridge organization that blends the disciplined expertise of industry professionals with the creative energy of experience design (XD) & innovation trained young minds, S.Labs also advances design education in innovation, user experience and interaction design to develop a work force that can make critical contributions to successful innovation.

We are driven by our long-term vision of creating and sustaining an platform and environment where learners and practitioners develop an ability to envision, explore, craft and express innovative solutions that are desirable, feasible, responsible and sustainable.

Through a multi-disciplinary creativity-driven approach that combines art & design thinking, our mission is:

  • to explore solutions for big challenges in Indian society,
  • to provide a platform to nurture collaborative approaches for developing innovation & visions of the future
  • to provide our clients a creative playground to develop out-of-the-box ideas that have business and social relevance.


We see India as a rich, heterogeneous, emerging, and fertile ground for real-world innovation. Srishti Labs (S.Labs) embraces the concept “India as a Lab”, for exploring design-led, radically innovative, future-oriented empathetic solutions, for highly complex, real-world problems.

S.Labs’ outputs are oriented towards industry, NGOs, and policy makers. We work across sectors such as healthcare, finance, education, entertainment, smart communities, employment and democracy.

Working closely with the resources of its parent institution, faculty, staff and students, S.Labs has been able to deliver interesting, new and actionable insights as well as many patentable vision concepts both for near, future and distant future visioning.

Past Industry Collaborations- Innovation and Experience Design Studios

Since its inception S.Labs has been exploring innovation in products & services related to contemporary Indian lives. S.Labs initially offered design and innovation studios for its clients and partners. These studios focused on a creative and innovative strategic design process around the client's design brief, whether it be early user field ethnography, new product/service creation, business model innovation, specific design challenges such as interaction, retail, packaging, visual communication or concept evaluation. The projects were led, managed, and delivered by our professional staff of innovation consultants and principle designers.

S.labs collaborated with global organization like Nokia (Ways of working, Mobility), Intel (Entertainment, Mobility), Qualcomm (P2P Collaboration, Mobility), Xerox (online collaboration, Banking), Herman Miller (New Market Exploration), Tupperware (Product) and Siemens (Healthcare) to deliver successful products and services in the complex markets like India. Partnering with Srishti Labs enabled local and international companies to develop designs in India. Using early phase interventions coupled with design innovation we provide a collaborative design research platform.

Nokia: New Ways of Working

Products and Services for Middle-Tier India (Tupperware), Freelance Designers Online Space

Space UX Design (Unilever), Semi-Urban Banking Solution (Xerox)

Research & Innovation Projects

Being Mobile: A research framework

People do not live in vertical silos, but move across different aspects of life seamlessly. As an overall theme for design research and innovation at S.Labs, we are interested in looking at contemporary Indian life; the ways people encounter, engage and solve everyday problems.

S. Labs is interested in, but not limited to, the following two research questions:

1. What are the ways, through which contemporary Indians encounter, engage and solve everyday problems?
2. How to embrace and leverage these ways of transitions in envisioning and conceptualizing novel future-oriented innovative solutions that become an integral part of the everyday fabric?

We want to answer these questions based on our vision of future societies, using our multi-disciplinary creative approach, feed forward methodology and foresighting frameworks.

S. Labs is currently working on understanding and innovating for two complex problems facing the Indian society, which are ‘Smart Communities for Enhanced Living’ and ‘Enhancing Out-of-clinic Healthcare’.

Smart Communities for Enhanced Living

A smart community is that which embraces new means of working and living by adopting innovative and sustainable ways of communication, knowledge access & sharing, and technology adoption. We believe that “Knowledge” will play a key role in enabling smart communities. “Knowledge” can positively impact lives of “citizens” by empowering them to make informed decisions and take actions related to safety, economic growth, healthcare, education, communication and sustainability.

At Srishti Labs we have worked with the auto driver community, NGO’s and technology partners on a community driven solution that will use strength of the social structure, be self-regulatory, and operate in a community driven business model that will empower the auto drivers socioeconomically. This, we believe will make this much needed mode of transport viable, secure and sustainable, enhancing the lives of our future urban communities.

Community concept for Autorickshaw Drivers

We have also done projects in the area of water management, energy conservation and smart transportation using similar approach.

Enhancing Out-of-clinic Healthcare

In this multi-year project we explore how to design innovative and appropriate digital technology enabled services that support people to integrate aspects of medical care as part of their everyday life beyond the boundaries of the clinic. We are studying the heterogeneous ways of through which people access care and perform care activities beyond the clinic, and embrace them as inspiration to design appropriate digital technological services. Currently, we are focusing on the areas of Cardiocare, Respiratory Care and Physiotherapy.

Posture patch wearbale concept.

Remirror: Presenting the UX Blue Print

Research, Collaboration & Funding

For our projects with the Healthcare sector, we are working with Philips and we are currently in the process of creating multiple local and global academic, technological and domain expert partnerships to develop Srishti Labs as a design-tank for these two areas of explorations.

ENRICH: Industry & Professional Apprentice Community Training

Srishti Labs (S.Labs) offers Innovation & Experience Design training for professionals who want to create successful products or services. As a part of this training, participants will be engaged in the entire process starting from defining a brief to creating and validating a solution for the target users. Apprentice training through the ENRICH program is available for 4 month, six months and ONE year engagement. ONE year engagement also leads to a PGDP through Srishti’s School of Continous, Open & Professional Education.

Start-up Camp: Innovation workshop for start-up companies.

Kickstart Innovation

With its focus on innovation for emerging market S.Labs also aims to empower passionate entrepreneurs to develop great ideas into successful businesses.
As part of The Kickstart Innovation program S.Labs plans to work with existing incubators and accelarators, who are passionate about solving India's major problems and support budding entrepreneurs. The program provides creative mentoring by experts in design, research, technology & business to help the startup teams take great ideas to a proof-of-concept and a compelling business proposition. This program’s focus will be on understanding and innovating for two complex problems facing the Indian society, which are "Smart Communities for Enhanced Living" and "Enhancing Out-of-clinic Healthcare".

Swissnex: For start-ups and the academic researchers

Best Practices / Process

At Srishti Labs, we think about innovation and experience design as not just “user-driven” in its traditional sense, but more about “designing for emerging usages”. As technology pervades everyday life, and things get complex, innovation & experience design must respond to the holistic context beyond just technology and business. Our multidisciplinary framework (CEDE – Conceive, Explore, Define, Evolve) for innovation enables designers to organically transition between design thinking (critical) and art thinking (creative) throughout the process to solve complex problems creatively. During multiple stages the process cycles through conception of ideas, exploration of the context, definition of problem, to evolution of meaningful system, product & service design concepts. This approach not only responds to user's existing needs, pain points, and perceptions but embraces inspiration, imagination and intuition to create great experiences that may also require users to learn new behaviors.

Publications & Patents

  1. Smart Communities: 2015, accepted a paper to Smart Cities World Conference, Barcelona, November 14-17, 2015: Redefining and empowering the auto driver community through mobile technology.
  2. Methods and systems for handling multiple documents while scanning, Patent number: 8964239, in collaboration with Xerox Corporation
  3. Portable system performing business center operations, application number: 20140198330, in collaboration with Xerox Corporation

Conferences &; Workshops

  1. Start-up Camp: Innovation workshop for start-up companies
  2. Workshop Series @ Swissnex: Innovation Camps for Start-ups and Researchers

Learning @ SRISHTI

Srishti Labs engages in providing mentoring in the fields of human-centered design and design-led innovation through Human Centered Innovation & Experience Design programs at The School of Design, Business and Technology's various courses:

  1. Undergraduate Technical Programs, Bachelors (B.Des.) and Masters (M.Des.) in Interface & Interaction Engineering, Human Centered Design (User Experience Design), and Design Led Innovation.
  2. Fellowships - a two-year design fellowship for recent postgraduates

Bachelors and Masters Program in Interface & Interaction Design, Human Centered Design, and Design Led Innovation.

3-year Undergraduate Technical Program in User Interface & Interaction Engineering:

The 3 year Undergraduate Technical Program in Interface & Interaction Engineering focuses on training students to develop exceptional skills to craft high-quality, professional interface designs. The program focuses on the frameworks, standards, and methods of creating, documenting, and communicating interface design across web, mobile, and large-screen platforms. The studios are application oriented, where the students learn through applying concepts to concrete design situations under the mentorship of studio leads. The final year is project based with an internship in a design firm / corporate company.

4-year B.Des in Human Centered Design:

The 4-year B. Des in Human Centered Design focuses on developing skills of envisioning and crafting interactions across web, mobile, and large screen platforms that are usable, desirable, and sustainable. In their second and third years, the course offers opportunities for students to explore various aspects of experience and interaction design as part of the studio and design charrette cycles. In the fourth year, the students will work in groups on real-world interaction design projects offered through the project cluster. 

2-year M.Des in Human-Centered Design:

The course focuses on envisioning and crafting solutions for shaping usable, desirable, and sustainable experiences and interactions between human beings and digital technology. The course offers opportunities for students to explore the deeper aspects of UX and IxD in the first year. In the second year, the pathway offers an environment and guidance towards a Capstone project. The Capstone project should be oriented towards designing and developing UX and IxD concepts and solutions.

2-year M.Des in Design-Led Innovation:

The course focuses on envisioning and crafting innovative future ideas that are not only usable, desirable, feasible and viable but also sustainable. The pathway offers opportunities for students to explore the various aspects of design-led innovation and UX design in the first year. In the second year, the pathway offers an environment and guidance towards a Capstone project. The Capstone project should be oriented towards developing innovative ideas, and designing and developing UX and IxD concepts and solutions.

Post Doctoral Fellowships

Two-year fellowships are available for outstanding Ph.D. graduates who want to develop hands-on experience with multidisciplinary innovation, design thinking, business thinking and client management. Fellows spend approximately 50% of their time on client or labs projects, 30% on their own research interests picked from the labs theme research areas and 20% on career development.