Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Foundation Studies Program

The Srishti Foundation Studies Program initiates an understanding of contemporary art and design practices, promotes self-initiated learning and critical thinking, and develops field-specific vocabularies and new modes of expression.

The learning process is categorized as follows:

Contextual Studies – Exposure to art and design practice in a project-based approach. This engages students in real life issues through various skills like understanding, articulating, critiquing and making.

Currently the Contextual Studies component is structured around four thematic umbrellas:

1. Order and Chaos
2. Play and Invent
3. Space and Place
4. Communities and Practices

General Studies – expands the students' knowledge base beyond field specific enquiries.

Generic Skills – consists of preparatory art and design skills such as drawing, material exploration, visualization and articulation.

The program offers number of courses under each of the above mentioned category and students are given a choice to choose their courses.

By the end of the Foundation Studies Program, students are equipped with skill-sets that enable them to move on to professional Diploma Studio Program.