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Art within hearing

Two leading exponents of ‘sound art’ explain the nuances of exploring the world through one’s ears and the use of sound as an artistic tool.

The Top 10 Most Pioneering Art/Sustainability Initiatives in the UK

An article on the top 10 most pioneering Art/Sustainability initiatives in the UK.

Slow Thought
Slow Thought: a manifesto

We need a philosophy of Slow Thought to ease thinking into a more playful and porous dialogue about what it means to live

The Limits of Explainability

Researchers at MIT led by Josh Tenenbaum hypothesize that our brains have what you might call an intuitive p

Demystifying design thinking: Bruce Nussbaum

Design thinking is just gaining prominence in India and there is a lot of buzz around the word.


Art in Transit | Arzu Mistry | TEDxMAIS

How often have we contemplated the role of art in our lives? To what extent does it influence our perspectives? Educator and artist Arzu Mistry focuses on questions like these to plant fundamental ideas in our minds - the exploration of art as an alternative form of learning, the role it plays in building sustainable inclusive communities, and the relationship we have with it. Sharing her work with the Bangalore Metro, she displays how art exists in so many forms, and the impact it has on all types of individuals, effectively portraying art as a concept that encourages a reflection of our views on communication, education, gender, & various aspects of culture.

Research and Collaboration

In addition to our programs, we have a number of centers and labs that are engaged in research and practice, design and development. View >>