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Srishti Interim brings together artists, designers, practioners from all around the world to create an exuberant and energetic season. talks, workshop, performances and exhibitions help us to engage with the communities around us and Bangalore as a large. Students ‘go local’ detailing the nitty-gritties of Bangalore through various lense

Curator's Reflection- Meena Vari

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology is a non-residential institution founded in 1996 by the Ujwal Trust with the objective of providing art and design education in an environment of creativity to maximize the individual’s potential.The Ujwal Trust also manages Srishti's sister institution, the prestigious Mallya Aditi International School. Log on to www.srishti.ac.in for more information.

Director’s Reflection- Dr. Geetha Narayanan

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City/People/Art/Action - Performance and Artist Roundtable

The Artists Silvana Rigobon, David Berge and Dr. Rob La Frenais came together at the National Gallery of Modern Art, in a discussion regarding their projects and their relation to cities, people, art and action. The discussions were coupled with a performance by the artist Suresh Kumar.
Venue:National Gallery of Mordern Art,Bengaluru.

Odd Events

Suresh Kumar, the artist leading the project "Odd Events", performed for the audience at the Artists' Round-table, representing the way heavy-duty staplers are used. The perfromance garnered great responses from members of the audience.
Venue:National Gallery of Mordern Art,Bengaluru.

Indie Game Shindig: Gaming Exhibition

The Indie Game Shindig is a curated exhibition of games and a collection of talks by awesome game makers from around the world.It is a place to play, design and talk games; hear experts in the field share their experiences, knowledge and inspirations.The exhibit
Venue: C4 Campus, KINFRA Film and Video Park, Trivandrum

Sensing: Sight, Sound and Space-Performance and Artist Roundtable

The Artists Symon Macintyre, Dr. Ximena Alarcon, came together in a discussion at the GallerySke, Langford Town, regarding the projects they are conducting with students. They explored the relation of these projects with Sight, Sound and Space.
Venue: Galleryske, Bengaluru.

Voice: Time and Space

The students from the project "Voice - Time and space", facilitated by the artist Toine Horvers and Rashmi Sawhney, came together to perform a piece for theaudiences at the Artists' Round-table. The performance saw the students speaking in multiple languages, and struck a chord with viewers.
Venue:Galleryske, Bengaluru.

Radio Luna

Radio Luna lies at the intersection of Design, Art and Innovation for sustainable life on Earth and Space Stations with a focus on the dynamics of Wireless Communication Networks, Information and Transport.
Venue:Galleryske, Bengaluru.

Displacement Diaries

Displacement diaries assembles a site specific performance overlooking the themes of contrasting spaces and places, urban regeneration, displacement, stagnation and melancholia.
Venue:Peenya Metro Station

Art in Transit

In Art in Transit, Srishti students build on its unique public art partnership with the BMRCL by creating art installations, murals and interventions specific to the site and context.
Venue:Peenya Metro Station


explore the sculptural possibilities of industrial waste and scrap. Miraki: Bit of Yourself goes beyond the visual into the realm of touch and discover textures and a materials as language of communication.
Venue:Peenya Metro Station

Framing and Pointing Peenya

In Framing and Pointing Peenya, students of Srishti have developed a site specific exhibition overlooking the themes of material and immateriality, privacy and publicity, touch and sight, sense of sight, sense of site and silenced sound.
Venue:Peenya Metro Station

Shop of Dreams

Srishti students, in Shop of dreams, have put up an actual shop selling dreams; something one cannot imagine people to be spending money for.
Venue:777, Square Ruth,13th main,HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar


In Unscrapping, Srishti students bring together imagination and innovation to explore the sculptural possibilities of industrial waste and scrap.
Venue:Peenya Metro Station


In AbunDANCE, Srishti students have woven a creative project using the tools of weaving, Movement Medicine and Menstruality.
Venue: Milton Street Park, Cooke Town, Bengaluru

Streets are for the people: Future of Transportation

Future of Transportation brings in creative and artistic methods of thinking to envisage and build scenarios around the future of transportation.
Venue: Outside N5 Campus, Srishti Institute od Art, Design and Technology

Framing The Unseen: Conceal and Reveal

Framing the unseen, Conceal and Reveal creates a series of performative portraits and through photography explores the theme of ‘Conceal and Reveal’.
Venue: N4 Campus, Srishti Institue of Art, Design and Technology.

Framing The Unseen: Belong and Co-exist

Framing the unseen, Belong and Co-Exist have created participatory project with communities to build social sculptures using the concept of Belonging and Coexisting.
Venue:N4 Campus, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Art In Action: Talking Sites

This course brings out works of Bamboo and Fire, building upon the significant contribution of craft and ecologically and socially sustainable materials and practices.
Venue: Old Campus, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Slowing Down

This course put up a Telematic Sonic Performance. Slowing down questions sounds of the city and sounds of dislocation in Bangalore and creatively, using telematics technologies, invite audiences to slow down, dislocate, listen and connect.
Venue: Old Campus, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Moving in Stills

In Moving in stills, students of Srishti have experimented with still images and creating movement in them using rhythm and play with time, space and perception.
Venue: Old Campus, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology


Mandali brings in their first stage production, 'Wo ghar', adapted from an old Kannada play by Kirtinath Kurtkoti, pertaining to the theme of society and social structure.
Venue: Old Campus, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology


Award-winning games on show



An experiment in Cubbon Park

Bangalore Mirror Bureau | Dec 14, 2015


Metro station to refect the spirit of Peenya

TNN | Dec 17, 2015


Students give Peenya Metro station a makeover

TNN | Dec 17, 2015



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Interim 2016

The Srishti Interim 2016 is scheduled for November 2016.
For more information about Interim 2016, please get in touch with the curator, Meena Vari (meena@srishti.ac.in) or watch this space for call for proposals.


For more information about Interim 2015, contact Project Coordinators:

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