It was a warm and sunny Tuesday. We began the day meeting at the yelahanka railway station and buying tickets to the small village of nandi.

The idea behind a small journey was to get acquainted with travel and means of transport. We had to constantly be vigilant about the people around, get their stories and find out things throughout this journey. The train we boarded was especially clean, a few hawkers paraded their merchandize across the train compartment at intervals of time. We finally arrived at the small village of nandi and had to jump off across to station which had no platform which was a new experience in itself.

A 2 hour trek through the hills with beautiful views of the vast open lands was refreshing. The experience of navigating through an area unexplored was pretty interesting. Climbing boulders, getting small shrubs and thorns stuck on our body was holding high the true spirit of adventure.

We finally headed back after climbing down the other side of the hill and visiting a temple under rocks. This was the time our artist facilitator took out his drone.

A few minutes of fumbling around and setting up the drone and after checking all the parameters to fly the system. The man made bird was airborne, we could see ourselves through the camera with it and also recorded videos of the landscapes around it. It flew up to a height of around 100 meters above ground and was literally sounding like a huge buzzing bee in the air.

The class ended with a discussion under a tree where we spoke about the different things that occurred that day. We boarded our train and were back home late in the evening and this was the end to a fun yet tiring day.

-Aniket, Student of the class