The Entanglement will be featured at the Goa Serendipity Art Festival from 15th to 23rd December.
Envisioned as ‘a dance between science and art,’ this interdisciplinary collection of works showcases ideas and forms that challenge and break traditional barriers, which separate the arts and sciences. The work emphasizes and encourages hybrid, speculative, and experimental aesthetics that emerge from cross fertilization of methods, processes, and tools.

Here is a glimpse of the projects that will be showcased at Goa:

  • Breathe: An interactive installation that acts as a critique of growing pollution and its effect on the lungs.
  • TypoGrAphiC: This project attempts to explore the manifestation of DNA and the structured genetic code into the freedom and fluidity of life.
  • Flux: Flux embodies the dynamism of planet Earth working with magnetism and typography. It visualizes the changes in magnetic polarity during earthquakes, using visual culture as a framework.
  • Main Hand: This project features photographic panels of the objects the artist has used with his right hand since the 24th of September 2003. Each of these objects is like the letter of an alphabet representing his activities as a DNA code for other humans to interpret.
  • New Mumbay: This is a fictional documentary that tells the story of the fungi that ended up hugging the walls of Asia’s largest slum Dharavi in Mumbai.
  • 20/X: Visitors experience the process of seeing through a complex neural network-based computer vision system, exploring visuals, representation and knowledge in the age of intelligent seeing machines.
  • Think Tank: This work is a direct physical representation of the complex networking in the brain, depicting thoughts as raindrops, and memory as a tank of water. Using advanced brain sensors (EEG) and electronics, the students will build a system to capture the action potentials fired in the pre-frontal cortex, which interactively simulates thunder, lightning and rain.
  • Unseen Portrait: Portrait photos of visitors are distorted on a screen to the point where they are invisible to computer vision.
  • Cryptobar: Crypto Bartenders host a bespoke cocktail of SECRET-related games and informal workshops such as: Secure Software, Playful Steganography, Lock Picking and Puzzles. SECRET was an exhibition held by Science Gallery, Dublin in 2015 that explored the future of surveillance, espionage and privacy.
  • The Blue Dot: The project involves the ‘use’ of real-time earthquake data (from USGS, NEIC and other agencies) to render the quantitative characteristics into a visual, sonic, and interactive installation.
  • Earth Pods: Stand-alone pods that act as immersive spaces to transcend space and transform the user experientially through sonic data to viscerally imagine and experience the ocean and the planets.
  • CO2Respond: CO2Respond is a device that employs an air quality sensor to detect the carbon dioxide (CO2) in your exhaled breath and it also presents real-time as well as historical records of air quality from across the globe.
  • The Rare Endophyte Collector’s Club: At the Rare Endophyte Collectors Club, (RECC) biological hobbyists meet to identify, discuss and trade information about new, rare and hard to access micro-organisms.
  • Rhizome: The Rhizome is a local multiplayer game experience. Like fungi thriving on moisture, this game lets anyone drop in and start playing and leave just as easily. Rhizome represents different species interacting with each other and forming a game environment of multiplicities.
  • Project Syria: Virtual reality experience designed to reflect ‘immersive journalism’, reporting on the state of Syria and refugee-camps. Created as part of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival with Hunger, LA.
  • Whose Weather is it anyway? : “Whose Weather is it Anyway?” engages the audience with the parody and interplay between ‘the climate of economies’ and ‘the economies of climate’ in the age of Big Data with a real-time performance and transmission media art installation.