The porjects of Future of Transportation have been devised by Rob La Frenais with the support of Marialuara Ghidini. There are 4 main groups working under the guidance of one artist each who are showcasing their projects in Kochi.

Thomas Lasbouygues, has worked with 5 auto-rickshaw drivers to investigate different layer of communications around the city, using radio, drone technology and LCD signs, to link the autos and their projects. The autos will circulate around Kochi taking passengers and participants to different sites created by the artist and his students.

Sudipto Dasgupta has developed a number of objects including a new design for a working ornithopter, a vehicle that can fly with mechanically-flapping wings. Dasgupta and his students pose the question: ‘Who owns the sky?’

Tania Candiani, has been researching the concept of the ‘Vimanas’ a semi mythological Indian technology for flying, using mathematics and engineering principles in a way that overturns our perception about flight. She and her students have developed an immersive environment for imagining the Vimanas, using found technology, materials and the imagination.

Suresh Kumar with his students has created a Department of the Future of Transport which has charted the movements and stories of the commuters around Kochi, bringing them together in a concept called Sayayaana- weaving our journeys together. This group will be indistinguishable from a real goverment department, but will have an underlying subversive message.