The project was based in the visual and conceptual meaning of human hair and further used as an artistic material. The project aimed at culminating hair and architecture creating a schematic architectural structure into contemporary surroundings to support either practical or spiritual purposes. Human hair has strong symbolic significance and carries number of dichotomies as a material and in terms of its meaning. Using cut hair confronts us with boundaries between beauty and disgust, personal and the ritual of life, positions of men and women in the society, gender distinctions and finally also with the appearance of hair as the matter of mental strength.

In terms of architecture, the major attention had been dedicated to a balanced construction made by lattice truss, inspired by the architecture of Buckminster Fuller. These kinds of constructions are light and applicable for various purposes and could easily become a supportive frame for soft hair forms that spread as a skin over them. In a metamorphic sense they could be regarded as the enlargement of tiny and fragile textures formed by hair accidentally, by mixing fibres by felting or deliberately in a design process, using various mechanical textile hand techniques.

The final installation shows the confluence of not only hair and architecture but also Indian culture. It is an attempt to bring together 3 weeks of research and exploration that was a group effort put forth by the students of second and third year of different disciplines. With inspiration from architecture and tradition, the project aims at incorporating the essence of the space alongside delivering the message.