Various sub-projects were exhibited by groups of students as follows:

  • The Purple Pub: It is an interactive installation made to promote interaction between strangers. The installation welcomes people to become a part of the cosy tent like structure, which comes to life once two or more participants grab their seats. This transforms the structure from a mere sculpture, to a night-sky like atmosphere, with stars and music. This atmosphere encourages the participants to relax and interact under the simulation of a starry sky.
  • Jumping Jittery Kangaroo: Our concept is to urge people to follow proper waste management and to do so in a fun and interactive way. Through our video installation we are also trying to create a space that becomes a source of relaxation in a chaotic environment with constant hustle bustle. It is our goal to make people leave the space with a smile on their face.
  • AdPress Progress: This installation is an interactive experience where the user presses a button triggering audio and visual elements. Proposed to be placed in a supermarket this is supposed to make buyers aware of the social benefits of purchasing select products. And hopefully, encouraging them to buy it forming a personal connection with them.
  • The Red and Blue Dilemma: Since the demonetisation of Indian currency, a lot of issues have come up, not only on monetary basis but also on a more psychological side. Standing in lines for hours in a go just to get Rs. 2000 at the end of it, really got to people over time. As days passed, we started hearing about more and more violent outbreaks in front of the ATMs. This project is an attempt to make an interactive installation, where people get engrossed with the activity, forgetting the irritation and anger that resides within them.
  • The Hunger Maze: The Hunger Maze is a non-profit game designed to help people view gaming from a different perspective. In India, gaming is often looked down upon. We want to get people to see gaming in the correct light, so for every level you defeat, we donate Rs 10 through the World Food Program to help and hunger. So what are you waiting for?
  • Pentimento: This is not the age where you would walk across an artist’s canvas in your nearest park wondering in amusement at the play of colours on display…. Or is it? Pentimento brings the outgoing Impressionist era to today’s outstanding digital artists. It is a project that intends to fuse audience, performance and digital painting garbed in the guise of a regular walkway. Digital painters can set up their station across any walkway and the pedestrians shall initiate different interactions on the canvas as the artist plays with the surprising forms that spawn on it. This creates an artwork that involves every viewer as an active contributor to the production of art. Further mechanism shall involve ‘real views’ and ‘likes’ chaining into a funding system for the artist. With Pentimento, digital art shall surpass its solitary status and become performative. It is where a simple view is an elegant brush.
  • The Harassment Simulator: It is true that people don’t want to talk about moments of barbarity that they have gone through and continue their existence denying the things that shouldn’t be denied. The Harassment simulator is a device meant to awaken our conscious need to fight the xenophobia we know that occurs around us on a daily basis. This is a device which recreates the difficult circumstances that we are put in sometimes so that we do not forget what so many people go through daily. It also allows people who think that these actions are okay or harmless to understand the extent of their actions.
  • A work in progress- exploring the body as an interface in a world so driven and controlled by technology. I choose to experience the nature of instantaneity, human response to incentives and the possibilities of perception through performance.