Channapatna revisited revolves around the wooden toys and figures which traditionally are made in the town of Channapatna. It looks into narrations which unfold around it, traditional and contemporary stories. In developing own narrations, the students established new contents and stories around them. Following that, the students tried to make figures themselves in the very technique as part of multimedia displays, to try out the ‘knowledge of the hands’.

The displays of the narrations, with figures, boxes and images bring perspectives to rethink a tradition and open up stories it is related to.

Relics of the Future:  Channapatna toys have needed encouragement and revival for a while now. These toys are traditionally made out of wood called ‘Aale Mara’ and painted with vegetable colours. The Chinese have come up with cheaper and more attractive toys that have posed a serious threat and competition to the Channapatna toys. Despite the competition, the Channapatna toys still survive. Few artisans, even though the number has decreased, are engaged in this craft. Our display is showing the age old struggle between the Channapatna toys and the Chinese toys. We, as a group, have created an imaginary world where the toys are fighting against each other and they must face the consuquences of the war. Do we have a look at how this war ends. We have relics of the past from the imaginary world. Who wins?Do they ever get along with each other? Who is the hero? Who is the real winner? Why is winning even so important?