This project initially investigated ideas of the port city. Shipping and exchange of goods has been the identity of port cities, bringing with it cultural influences which has historically made port cities culturally diverse. In recent years the movement of people across borders for many reasons has hanged our idea of the port as a friendly easily available place. Refugees arriving in port cities or their port of entry require us to consider and act upon these frontiers.

Participants worked as one group but sub-divided and created work as a reaction to the site. The room was originally part of the Mill, probably storage, but more recently used for badminton with a court roughly printed on the floor, a net and umpire’s chair. On one side of the room an opening is boarded up- a barrier to the storage of decorations and structures for weddings.

The resulting projects grew independently but gradually intertwined in meaning and the resulting rule ‘We All Fall Up’ emerged as a theme of the work. The group as a whole has taken the name NOAC which refers to No AC- which can also be seen as metaphor for a certain state of being.