India has always been a land of materials. We have depended on these materials for generations; they have sustained our livelihoods and are deeply entwined into our culture. One such material is Bamboo. In most parts of the country where varieties of bamboo are cultivated, this material has become an integral part of our cultural identities and expression. A very strong association can be seen in North Eastern states of India. But recent inclinations to bamboo as a material is utilitarian, far removed from any cultural significance or relevance. Most bamboo products in local markets are objects fit for decorative purposes. In this project the students attempted to gain an understanding of different narratives associated with bamboo as a material in the present and in the past, and derive at an expression that fosters an enquiry that mediates between a design methodology and an artistic form. They looked at crafting techniques as well as modern technology to work with bamboo. The final exhibits were various individual and group projects using Bamboo to depict their concept.