DATAPRINT invites audiences to examine the impact of their online fingerprint and to question the ethics of data privacy through an immersive, installation-type performance that blends theater, music, dance and 1multimedia. The installation will take place at the Cubbon Park Metro Station in Bangalore and function as a participatory exhibit. Data gathered via a custom designed online platform from participants and passersby will be used to create an immersive and participatory experience for that aims to spark dialogue about the way our data fingerprint defines who we are. Through this process, it will bring participants a step closer to understanding the complex and rapidly growing universe of online data.

STUDENTS: Rashi Raizada, Meghna Menon, Akshita Poojari, C.S Bala Lakshmi, Adithya Ravi, Krishnasish Gain, Safwan Husain, Apoorva Patil, Vinati Dedhia, Miloni Shah, Swetha Ramachandran, Rimjhim Chaufla, Nilay Deore, Tanaya Akolkar, Anushka Jain, Sanika Ushana Palsikar


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June 15, 2016

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