CRISAP London- Slowing down

CRISAP London- Slowing down

Slowing Down is a workshop that stimulates students’ awareness of sound as it travels in space and time, by using Deep Listening practice and telematics sonic performance. This year, participants will focus on listening to their voices and languages, connecting to their ‘nomadic voice’, and engaging in collaborative creation of an improvisatory telematics mobile sonic durational performance.

Inspired by the writer Janette El Haouli’s suggestion of the existence of a ‘nomadic voice’: ‘a bridge for the overcoming of pre-established values and inherited questionings’, Ximena Alarcón proposes nomadic voice as a sonic territory where traces of individual and shared identities derived from language can be explored, created and recreated transcending fixed locations. Through a creative collaborative process students will be invited to reflect on their voices on three levels: the imagined voice and memories (inner voice); the voice linked to the territory (both physical and social); and the voice linked to others and its transformations. They will improvise with spoken word in their many languages and accents, individually and collectively. They will engage with words and transcend semantics with sonic abstraction to locate themselves in the sound territory of their nomadic voice.

STUDENTS: Rhea Thampy, Sidharth Saxena, Shrishti Kedlaya, Shubham Sharma, Shreeparna Mitra, Meshi Sanker, Biswajit Guha, Kopal Chandra


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June 30, 2016

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