Hair Architecture

Hair Architecture

This creative workshop will be based on the visual and conceptual meanings of using human hair as an artistic material. Human hair has strong symbolic significance and carries numb of dichotomies as a material and in terms of its meaning. Using cut hair confronts us with boundaries between beauty and disgust, personal and political, life and death. It has also connotations connected with the ritual of life,positions of men and women in the society, gender distinctions and not finally also with the appearance of hair as the matter of mental strength. After the beginning with the presentation of various artists that express themselves by using hair and our own artistic production the workshop will be led toward the description of creative stages in the process that will culminate in setting and placing different architectural structures into contemporary environment to support either practical or spiritual purposes. The major attention will be dedicated to balanced constructions made by lattice truss and wires, inspired by the architecture of Buckminster Fuller. These kinds of constructions are light and applicable for various purposes and could easily became a supportive frame for soft hair forms. In a metaphoric sense they could be regarded as the enlargement of tiny and fragile textures formed by hair accidentally with mixing fibers by felting or deliberately in a design process, using various mechanical textile hand techniques.

STUDENTS: Saurav Radhakrishnan, Rutuja Phadtare, Ishani Bhagat, Ruei Shah, Saniya Shete, Arjun Krishnamurthi, Smriti Haldia, Arushi Lohani, Vrushab Sansguiri, Shriya Rathi, Adithyaa Raghavan, Kopal Mohunta, Aashritha Raju, Aastha Choudhury, Radhika Sagar, Srishti Raina, Kashika Kapoor, Geethika Pramod, Ritika Ratnani, Maitreyee Kshirsagar


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March 30, 2016

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