Meaningful Experience Design

Meaningful Experience Design

We are in a time bubble to create a public action and a prototype about whatever subject is hot, from basic computer hardware to any medium of choice. This workshop challenges the committed creator by playing with the physicality of the self and the otherness; by scrutinizing the surroundings in a quest for meaning and by poking into the structure of the creative process. From the body to the object to the environment, you are requested to feel what tis moment is telling you. And you are offered inspiring tools to do so. We start using interfaces to create a public intervention in a short time span, we continue our journey exploring perceptions and ideas through practice-based research, and we finally map and prototype unconventional ideation. This is an eye-opener practice for reflection in, on and for action.

STUDENTS: Barbara Mascarenhas, Anushka Motiani, Meera Sanghani, Akshay Tiwari, Nitin Rao, Aashish Shakeel, Mohit Shukla, Neha Menon, Irikaa Bhisey, Aakash Singh, Aashif Khan, Deepika Bharadwaj, Indranil Roy, Ishaan Chawla, Jahanjeet Banerjee, Maya D’costa, Rebecca Mathew, Rhea Rajesh, Ribhu Ghosh, Pooja Pandey, Shraddha Rastogi, Saurabh Kushwaha, Shubhi Goyal, Soumya M, Vrundar Vinayak Athalye, Aditya Sandesh Prabhu


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January 30, 2016

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