Narrative Objects

Narrative Objects

Objects are a non-verbal language. This project involves developing and building a small object, related to and emerging from storytelling. Technical possibilities and traditional materials techniques provide the two cornerstones to work with. Objects and their functions relate us with our present. Their design and materiality tells messages, behaviors and beliefs. They load and unload with meaning. That’s what advertisement does, and that’s what we personally do. The project moves along a time-trajectory: We look for a story in the past from mythology, history, or religion, than find a story counterpart in the present in politics, economics or social live, and project this into the future: Which object might emerge from the stories? Which object could have played a role in them, or tell about them? Which function might it have? A simple knife or a fancy sci-fi transmitter-thingy? There are pragmatic and there are playful solutions. Ideally, we built/or have built a prototype. In following the time trajectory, we ideally combine old techniques with future functions.

STUDENTS: Anala Rao, Shazia De Sousa, Priyanka Pillai, Aumika Shetty, Gunalan Preetham, Vedika Lall, Shivani Barde, Avantika Subramanian, Rimjhim Agarwal, Shikha Rathi, Sanat Charankar, Megha Jairaj, Samar Bansal, Shalaka Rawat, Arushi Aggrawal, Ojasvi Singh, Stuti Bajaj, Priyanka Shah


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December 30, 2015

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