Migratory cultures

Migratory cultures

Migratory Cultures embraces a cross-cultural exchange between the US and India, highlighting two important cultural and technical centers: Silicon Valley (San Jose, California) and Silicon Plateau (Bangalore). Students will be guided through the technical and conceptual process of video projection mapping, while exploring the cultural and social contexts for global migration. Artists Robin Lasserand G. Craig Hobbs will lead the video projection-mapping course. This workshop fuses digital technology with art and civic life, offering an imaginative vision for our shared global commons and differences around the topic of migration in the 21st century. The workshop provides an opportunity for students to explore one of the most significant topics of our time -migration – through public art and community engagement while embracing the use of digital media technologies toward shared cultural understanding. Student participating in the course will learn to conceptualize, design, and create content for large-scale digital video projections and photographic artworks, while conducting site-studies for the planning and development of a public artwork. The course will culminate in a collaborative video projection-mapping project produced by faculty and students for the Art in Transit project in Bangalore.

STUDENTS: Atharva Gaidhani, Dhruv Jesrani, Shruti Tiwari, Sanskruti Hambir, Priyanjali Rane, Devaki Gupta, Aaruni Kaushik, Apurva Pathak, Apurva Kothari, Ayesha Mitra, Serena Alam Shah, Vignesh Gopalakrishnan, Shivam Malkan, Saloni Sardessai, Yashasvi Shekhawat, Amith Nair, Yash Kamat


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January 15, 2016

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