News Crew

News Crew

Do You Have a “Nose For News”?

Want a sense of what it’s like to be part of a news crew? Here’s your chance…For a whole month, 450 Srishti students will be working closely with 50 internationally renowned practitioner-artists and 200 in-house faculty across Bangalore, Calcutta, Goa and Kochi.  The results will be processes and work that is monumental, inspirational and even life changing. How does one capture for Srishti, the sheer length, breadth and soul of this epic exercise?

Traditionally, the students have informally fanned out with their equipment, doing shoots, interviewing practitioners and later edited their footage. This year, we plan to do something different – turn the whole exercise of documenting INTERIM into a project.  It will be a well-planned and executed project undertaken by those students who want to experience a ” close to news,” real-time, working environment.

There are 8 vacancies for this project. If you feel you have the drive, passion and a desire to do something immense, then give us your name. The shortlisted students will be part of our workshop and learn how to develop a news story format, shoot and edit short news stories, work on tight deadlines in a high-powered environment and get real-time editorial feedback. This will, in short, be an intensive, crash-course in TV Journalism. At the end of the exercise, you will have short-films that are not just Interim documentation but your record of work done that can go into your portfolio.  Preparation for the actual shoots will include a scripting workshop, dummy runs and shoots. Give us your names as early as possible and get a taste of what the PRESS is all about.

STUDENTS: Akash Uniyal, Aalokita Roy, Jitesh Ambekar, Abhinav Sharma, Rajat Mehta, Elina Ghosh, Anushka K Jain, Shashwat, Antara Madvane, Srishti Suryavanshi



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December 15, 2015

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