1. Incoming Students
2. Outgoing Students

Incoming Students

Every semester Srishti admits from 5 to 10 international students who come from partner universities. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for the program, which usually lasts for 6 months.
International students are welcome to choose from a variety of courses, which better suit their area of studies. At the end of the semester, an official transcript is issued with the indication of the credits, which can be easily transferred.

1. Application Process

A written request must be sent to the Srishti International Office from your University’s international office indicating your choice along with the application, a portfolio and a letter of intent.

Once accepted, you will receive a letter of invitation after which you will be able to apply for a student visa.

Application Form

Application forms will be available here soon.

Please, type or print in black ink. Mail the completed application forms with the completed reference form to the Srishti Admissions Office.

You may email any queries to: or

Application Deadline:

Application materials should be sent to the Srishti International Office as mentioned in the application form by the following dates:

Semester 1: 15th May
Semester 2: 31st October

2. Visa Information

For all queries on visa pre-requisites & processing, students must check with the Indian consulate in their respective countries.
Srishti cannot guarantee a visa approval. Visa approvals are left to the discretion of the Indian consulates in the applicants’ respective countries.
Srishti is not responsible for a student visa rejection.


All international students who come to India on student visa for a period exceeding 3 months must register at the Foreign Regional Registration Office. You will have 14 days after entering the country to register and the registration certificate will limit your stay in India based on the semester dates.

Important: Please, do not buy your return ticket according to the dates indicated on your visa, but according to those that will appear in the letter of invitation issued by Srishti.

4. Accomodation

Please, check the available accommodation here: List of Accomodation.
Assistance with the accommodation is provided.

5. Information on Bangalore City

Getting to and around Bangalore

By Plane

Direct flights connect Bangalore to major international airports such as Chicago, Frankfurt, Singapore, Paris, London and Kuala Lumpur. Air-India, British Airways, Air-France, Lufthansa, Thai-air, Air-Emirates and several others operate daily flights from Bangalore. The airfares are reasonable. Travel time to destinations in Europe and Asia are about 8 hrs and to the US is about 16 hrs. The airport also operates domestic flights to Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Goa, Kochi and other cities. Additionally, Bangalore is well served by Indian railways, which operate several super-fast trains to other major cities.

On Arrival

Once off the plane, you'll need to go through immigration (if you are on an international flight) and then collect your bags. You'll then pass through customs and into the small arrival hall. If you need to get money, there is an ATM on the left just before you go outside the terminal. There are also a few money change booths that will accept all manner of foreign currency.

The best way to get into town is to take a prepaid taxi. There are two choices: a government run service with lower prices or a private operator with better service. At the government-run counter (look for the K.S.T.D.C. booth), you mention the locality you want to reach and pay a fixed amount. You get a receipt with the registration number of the taxi that will pick you up printed on it. Locate the taxi (the driver will probably be waiting for you just outside) and you're set.

Another option is to arrange with your hotel in Bangalore to have a driver pick you up at the airport. Some hotels, especially those in the higher price ranges, provide this service for free if you are staying with them. If it's your first time traveling to Bangalore, this is by far the easiest way to get from the airport to your hotel. The driver will be found outside the airport with a card bearing your name. Upon arriving at your destination a tip of 20-40 Indian Rupees is plenty.

By Train

The Bangalore City railway station is situated in the centre of the city, around the Majestic Bus stand. All trains, both local and long-distance, arrive and depart from here. A new terminal at the Yeshwantpur railway station (not very far away from the main railway station) is growing and there are a few outbound trains that regularly arrive and depart from it.

Bangalore also has a railway station in the Cantonment Area, called the Cantonment Railway Station - this is centrally located and in a better part of town. Not all trains stop here, though. However, there is a proposal to develop this into a new hub, in order to ease congestion out of the ever-bustling Bangalore station.

Bookings can be done at either the railway station or at a few of Indian Railways booking counters at major residential areas. Booking can also be done online from the Indian Railways website ( Trains do fill up, but most trains have a special reserved quota for foreigners, which can work to your advantage. You have to book at a special desk at the train station, and show both a foreign passport and some proof (such as an ATM receipt) that your money came from a foreign account.

A video departure board in the station will tell you what platform your train is on and what time it leaves. Train travel is usually fairly cheap

Recommended Cab Services in Bangalore

It is suggested that you avail the services of these two popular/ reliable cab services in Bangalore:

  • Meru Cabs, Contact: 080 4422 4422
  • OLA Cabs, Contact: 080 3355 3355
  • Easy Cabs, Contact: 080 4343 4343

Outgoing Students

Currently, the student exchange program has partnerships with 34 design schools and universities from all over the world. The full list can be checked here:

Country University
1. Austria University of Applied Arts Vienna
2. Canada University of the Fraser Valley
3. Colombia University of Caldas, Manizales
4. Denmark Designskolen, Kolding
5. Denmark IT University of Copenhagen
6. Denmark The Jutland Art Academy, in Mejlgade
7. Finland Aalto University, in Helsinki
8. Finland Laurea University of Applied Sciences
9. France Ecole Supérieure d'Art et Design de Saint-Etienne/Cité du Design
10. France ECV-Ecole de Communication Visuelle
11. France L'Ecole de design, Nantes Atlantique
12. France Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Troyes, Champagne School of Management
13. France Ecole Regionale des Beux-Arts, Grenoble Valence, South of France
14. France ESAD Orleans (Ecole superieurs d'Art et de Design)
15. France Esba TALM School of Fine Arts
16. France KedgeDesign School
17. France The Sustainable Design School
18. Germany Fachhochshule Dortmund, Faculty of Design
19. Germany Hochschule Mannheim
20. Germany Hochschule Trier-University of applied Sciences
21. Germany Merz Akademie
22. Italy Politecnico di Milano
23. Israel Holon Institute of Technology
24. Israel Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
25. Netherlands Design Academy, Eindhoven
26. Netherlands The Royal College of Art-The Hague
27. Netherlands Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU)
28. Netherlands Utrecht School of the Arts- Faculty of Art, Media & Technology (KMT)
29. Pakistan Beacon House National University
30. Slovenia University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, Department of Textiles
31. Sweden Linnaeus University
32. Sweden Malmo University- School of Arts and Communications (K3)
33. Sweden University of Gothenburg, Faculty of Fine Art, Humanities, Music & Drama
34. Switzerland Hochschule Luzern, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
35. Switzerland Zurcher Hochschule Der Kunste(ZHdK) (Zurich University of the Arts)
36. Turkey Bilkent University, Ankara
37. UK Edinburgh College of Art
38. UK London College of Communication, School of Media
39. UK The University of the Arts, London
40. USA University of Michigan
41. USA MassArt: Massachusetts College of Art and Design

1. Application Process


We strongly recommend that you apply for 3rd year, semester 1 or 2. If you want to go for exchange program during the second semester, please, consider that the obligatory internship will have to be done before you go.


  • Prepare an online portfolio which best represents the work you have done and the skills you have developed.
  • Choose the college/s that you are interested in going to after checking respective websites from the given list.
  • Check application deadlines for the college/s chosen.
  • Communicate you choice (maximum 3 options) to the international office (
  • Seek clearance from your Head of Program and Dean of PDP with regard to attendance (minimum 95%), period of exchange, portfolio development and GPA (above 8.00).
  • Send portfolio, clearance and essay to the international office before February, 28 for the admission in the first semester, and before September, 15 for the admission in the second semester.
  • Students can then follow due procedure stipulated by each university guided by the Srishti International Office.
  • Prepare your portfolio, write a letter of intent or statement of purpose and get letters of recommendation if required.
  • Obtain transcripts, bona fide certificate and other necessary documents from the Srishti office.
  • Mail all documents (soft copy and hard copy as stipulated) to the Host University and await acceptance letter.
  • Once you are accepted, book your travel and visa interview
  • Give all your travel details to the Srishti International Office and receive the last instructions regarding your trip
  • Prepare to go!


Srishti is a member of Cumulus - an international association of Art and Design schools, and ICSID. We have partnerships with over thirty Art and Design colleges across the globe, which results in strong faculty and student exchange program. We accept about 10-15 exchange students every year. For more information click here

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