Design Thinking for Educators

October 23rd, 2017

Quarterly Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of the Design Thinking for Educators quarterly newsletter. We are excited to share news about how design thinking is transforming classrooms and schools and keep you updated on opportunities, share resources for your classroom, and more!


The Teachers Guild grew out of The Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit to provide educators with the community and tools to create change for and from their classrooms. It is now a community of nearly 10,000 educators who are taking on the challenges most relevant to them and their students. There are four more days to participate in The Guild’s latest Design Challenge about making classrooms more student-centered. Add your idea today to be spotlighted for your classroom innovations.


HundrED featured the Shadow a Student Challenge as one of 100 selected education innovations that are changing the face of K12 education today. The Shadow a Student Challenge is an initiative of School Retool, a professional development fellowship that helps school leaders improve their school cultures, designed by IDEO’s Design for Learning Studio in partnership with The Hewlett Foundation. It is currently run out of the K12 Lab Network within Stanford’s As believers in the power of empathy in schools, we are excited to see the Shadow a Student Challenge featured here! Try it out in your classroom!


KQED Teach partnered with The Teachers Guild to bring educators a course on Learner-Centered Design. KQED Teach offers free courses on media literacy that teachers can use to create engaging experiences in the classroom. This course was created so educators can use design methods to creatively problem solve in their classroom and school. If you want to learn more, join KQED’s Twitter Chat this Wednesday, October 25th at 5:00 p.m. PST. Participate with the hashtag #KQEDedchat. And sign up to take the course.

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