Design Principals

Jacob Mathew
Jacob, a product designer trained at NID, works at the intersection of Design, Business, Sustainability, Capital and Social Impact. He co-founded consulting companies Tessaract and Idiom Design, Dovetail Furniture in manufacturing, The Design Store in retailing and Spring Health in BOP services. Jacob worked with the first wave of retailers like Levi’s, Weekender, Titan etc, and continued to help create big organized retail businesses like Big Bazaar, Central, Brand Factory and Hometown too. As CEO of Industree Foundation, Jacob leads the Creative Million mission to bring a million women artisans into producer-owned enterprises over the next 10 years, building a multi billion dollar “AMUL” of Creative Manufacturing. At Srishti, he leads the Impact Edge Lab which works with students in their thesis projects and Impact Entrepreneurship programs in Bangalore and Pune bringing live projects and enterprise building into the academic environment. Jacob continues to play a mentoring role at Idiom and also advises several start-up companies in addition to being a design mentor to the Future Group.
Areas of Interest: Designing Businesses to Transform Society, Sustainability, Design Thinking, Lean Manufacturing, and Start-ups.

Janak Mistry
Janak Mistry, an industrial designer with over 25 years of design practice has a wide range of experience in consumer appliance, furniture and retail design. With the diverse experiences over the years he is able to bring in a holistic approach to viewing today’s challenges through the many lenses that future designers needs to. He strongly believes that no product, system or service stands alone and that they are all interconnected. This outlook steers his current interest in exploring the potential of adding value to Natural fibers via the Natural fibers lab at Srishti. Simple and sustainable are two key attributes, he believes, good design should embody. The bicycle, according to him is a product that exemplifies these qualities. His passion for pedal power is evident in the innovative hybrid powered cargo cycle he has designed and registered and is currently working towards commercializing. As design principal and course leader for the Business Services and Systems (B.Des) programme he hopes to instil some of these values in the students he mentors via projects.
Areas of Interest: Product, Furniture, Sustainability, User centred design.

Samir Parker
Samir's background is in interior and exhibition design. In recent years, his practice as a designer and an artist has sought to engage with built form and architecture at an urban scale towards the creation of narratives that are culturally and politically responsive. He is inspired by the aspirational images Indian cities are generating of themselves shaped by ancient legends and contemporary politics.
Art in Transit, which is a live project with the Bengaluru Metro offered Samir a unique opportunity to engage with a public space at an institutional scale. Working with 3 other facilitators and 37 students this project aims to develop at Peenya Station an immersive art and design experience that engages with the community as well as commuters; to create cultural links that allow for new shared experiences for the citizens.
As the line, the area and the city continue to grow and change the project hopes to create a space that becomes a destination as well as an inspiration for the use of art and design to develop a sense of community ownership for a shared history and a future vision of the city. The project aims to create a variety of experiences that will offer something for someone with just a moment to spare as well as those who return for the experience.

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