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Doctoral Program in Art and Design – PhD


The goal of doctoral program at Srishti is to develop competency in high-quality and rigorous research in art, design and interdisciplinary studies with the view of making original contributions to these disciplines. The program encompasses a range of scholarly research, design, and creative production. It aims to build capacities for design, design education, art and art education that address problems and opportunities of contemporary society and are cognizant of India’s rich tangible and intangible heritage.


Design, Art, and the Humanities: Research in this area focuses on historical and contemporary knowledge of design and art, theoretical and philosophical considerations including aesthetic and formal theories, cultural studies relevant to any field of art and design, or criticism and writing of design /art.

Creativity and Cognition in Learning: Research in this area would add to art and design pedagogy, as well as art, design, and methodologies of communication in museums. It would contribute to the application of design thinking to education and pedagogical innovations in education in art, design, and creative practices.

Culture, Heritage, and Sustainable Development: Research in this area involves contributions to knowledge and methods of design that are responsive to and compatible with a place, local culture, and its heritage. This includes research on crafts and traditional practices, urban and rural environments, heritage conservation and management.

Technology and Innovation: Research in this area involves application of design to the frontiers of science and technology and to the application of innovations in science and technology to furthering design forms and knowledge. This area would include research from health and wellness, to nanotechnology, design of industrial products, and interactive and digital media.

Experimental and Creative Practices: This field aims for inquiry and research-based, theoretically informed, artistic and creative productions. The goal is to contextualize creative work and support reflection on practice.


The doctoral program normally takes 3-5 years to complete and involves three different stages after the admission into the program.

Course Work: In the first two semesters of their program, doctoral students are required to complete 8-16 credits worth of course work that includes a course on research methodology. Based on the student preparedness, the research committee can recommend additional course work beyond the mandatory 8-16 credits.

Proposal and Doctoral Advisory Committee (DAC): By the end of the first semester of the program, students choose a PhD supervisor among the certified faculty and form a DAC with 2 additional members. The supervisor and the DAC members guide the student in developing a Research proposal that must be formally defended and approved.

Research and Thesis: After the formal approval of the PhD proposal students engage in research / practice working closely with their supervisor and DAC. At the end of the research period the output of research undergoes rigorous examination by an internal committee and external examiners. Students who successfully fulfilled requirements will be awarded PhD degree by the degree granting universities.


Srishti is recognized as a partner institution of Transdisciplinary University (TDU). The Doctoral student who successfully fulfill all the requirements of the program are awarded PhD degree by TDU.

Transdisciplinary University (TDU): Students who choose TDU are admitted provisionally into TDU in their first year and on successful defense of Research proposal by the end of the first year are formally confirmed into the PhD program.

At the time of admissions Srishti faculty mentor prospective students in choosing a degree granting university for their PhD.



To be eligible to apply for admission to the PhD Program, applicants must have at least one of the following qualifications:

    1. Indian Students:
      1. A Master’s degree in art or design or a related discipline from a recognized University in India or abroad.
      2. A five year professional Bachelor’s degree
    1. International Students:
      1. A Master’s degree in art or design or a related discipline from a reputed University.
      2. A score of at least 6.5 in IELTS or equivalent qualifying test for English language.
      3. Proven writing skills.

Entrance Assessment:

Prospective students who fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements and have demonstrated evidence of art and design practice or engagement with a discourse related to any discipline of art and design will be invited to a 2-step entrance assessment

Setp 1: Students will be invited to make a presentation before an admission committee on their credentials (both academic and non-academic) and make a case for why they should be offered admission to the Doctoral Program.

NOTE: Students who have cleared any PhD entrance exam recognized by UGC, or National Level tests like UGC/CSIR NET, DBT (JRF), ICMR, DST (INSPIRE), etc. or any other University’s PhD or equivalent entrance test will directly go to Step 2.

Step 2: All students who have successfully completed Step 1 of entrance assessment will be invited to appear for a personal interview before an admissions committee.


Interested candidates would send in an application along with required documents to the Chair of the PhD program.

The documentation required consists of -

    1. Srishti’s application form and supporting documents as listed within the application form.
    2. A detailed statement of the proposed research project.
    3. Curriculum vitae
    4. A writing sample
    5. A portfolio of creative works, if relevant
    6. Optional: Scores from any PhD entrance exam recognized by UGC, or National Level tests like UGC/CSIR NET, DBT (JRF), ICMR, DST (INSPIRE), etc. or any other University’s PhD or equivalent entrance test.

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