Animating the Intangible

Animation is about making the inanimate come alive and express, through a frame-by-frame construction of movement. This medium can help create entirely new worlds and allow metaphors and symbols to be explored through image, text, movement, dialogue and sound.

How does one engage with the intangible, unconscious and subtle nuances of human experience? How can intangible themes be explored in animation techniques and forms? The intangible is that which challenges all forms of language. The challenge here is hence posed to animation.

The project started with students immersing themselves in the works of filmmakers/animators who have addressed the intangible. They began to understand the processes through which such complex themes have been communicated. It allowed students to unravel elements in their own field of experience and develop an idea for a short animated film. Through a back and forth process between writing, sketching, storyboarding and creating test animatic, they began to find the right treatment and technique for their films.

‘The Zoo’ by Sandhya Vishwanathan - an animated film about the changing nature of a couple’s relationship through time

‘The Elder Light’ by Tara Sunil Thomas - Tara’s project explores the interpretation of the afterlife by a seven year old. The intention of the film is to provoke the question - Is there an afterlife or not?

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