Art in Transit

Using the metro station as a site for an intervention, and the scrapyard as a source of inspiration, Fabrice Grolaire’s project focuses on developing characters with these scrapyard residues.

The ongoing construction of Namma Metro in Bangalore is a unique instance of large scale urban development in the city. Can we use the opportunities presented by these new public spaces to create a dynamic, social and cultural space? How can we best use art and design to develop a sense of community ownership and create a future vision for the city?

‘Art in Transit’ is focused on creating a series of immersive art experiences at Peenya Metro Station in Bangalore. The project has been developing a series of design interventions at the terminal, which respond to the location, architecture and local histories. The aim now is to bring the old and new ideas together in a larger curatorial framework.

The project team worked closely with the BMRCL to realize the artworks, and the project was generously funded by Bangalore based corporate, Ample Technologies.

Through photographs, digital analysis and colour selection, Aroushka D’Mello created a palette that reflects the diversity that exists within this society. Running parallel to the stairs, it uses user movement within the station to trigger what the viewer sees of the installation from different perspectives.

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