Exploring the Short Form

The film ‘Ethil’ by Manoj Kshetrimayun uses the game of Yubi Lakpi as a metaphor to portray the economic and political conditions in Manipur.

Relationships between living and non-living entities form the fabric of the world around us. The nature of relationships transforms through space and time – the two key elements of cinema. In this project, the short film form and its nuances have been explored through the framework of relationships.

Making a short film is a challenge in that an idea has to be completed within a much shorter time. The narrative has to be crisp, and characters need to unfold quickly. The project designed brief immersions in the short film form to help students arrive at their project ideas. Students were encouraged to delve into personal experience, memory, and their individual universe of concerns and preoccupations, to look for film ideas.

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