School of Media, Arts and Sciences (SMAS)

"One of art’s functions is to recall that which is absent—whether it is history, or the unconscious or form, or social justice." - Lucy Lippard

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The realm of the creative arts is a diverse mix of both traditional and modern practices - from painting, sculpture, music, theatre and film to newer artistic forms like gaming, bio-art, sonic art, performance art and physical computing. These practices have arisen out of invention and experimentation, not only from within the arts, but also from interactions with science and technology. Artists today have the freedom to traverse and explore these interconnected spaces in the course of their artistic enquiry.

The School of Media Arts and Sciences exists at this confluence of science, technology, and the arts. By nurturing dialogue within and between disciplines, this is an ideal environment for interdisciplinary art practices. Students are encouraged to develop an individual perspective, imagine, invent, study and explore a diverse range of creative expressions that respond to complexities of our social, cultural and political milieu. The methods of “learning by doing” and “making as thinking” are at the core of the school.

From narrative filmmaking to sonic installations, citizen science to engineering materials at a molecular scale, pinhole camera photography to virtual realities  - a wide range of artistic practices thrives at this school.


The pedagogy at The School of Media, Arts and Sciences is designed to nurture critical thinking and social consciousness in the next generation of artists and communicators. Programs offered exist at the intersection of the arts and sciences, and are informed by traditional and contemporary art practices. Creative thought and imagination are nurtured through a multitude of pathways within the disciplines of contemporary art, film, digital media art and experimental media art.

From traditional classroom based learning through studios and workshops, and interactions with artists in residence during the interim semester, The School of Media, Arts and Sciences is a fertile ground for collaboration and trans disciplinary practice. Students are engaged in rigorous processes of experimentation, invention, study and expanded use of emerging and DIY technologies.

By focusing on nurturing minds that can re-imagine the past, forge new connections in the present and responsibly imagine the future, The School of Media, Arts and Sciences celebrates diverse forms of storytelling and abstraction.


Research and Collaboration

These programs intersect with the following centers, labs and projects that are housed within the school:

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