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Micro Shirting

Artist: Elena Fajt
Facilitator: Madhuri Rao

Micro shirting is an art project that re-looks at the textile and fashion industry and explores clothing for their values and stories. In this project, the students will attempt to reimagine and experiment with the creation of sustainable clothing models that connects designers and users directly and employs environment-friendly methods and concepts. The project will enable students to look at clothing outside the logic of consumerism and develop awareness about concepts such as slow-fashion and socially responsible fashion that uphold ethics, transparency and simplicity. During the progression of this project, students will research and experiment with different textile materials as well as visit textile factories to understand the different behind-the-scene processes. Students will be encouraged to iteratively experiment with throwaway materials as well as learn how to enrich and embellish textile materials using prints, embroidery and painting. As part of the project, students will also visit artisans to help them design and create shirts. Some of the potential outcomes of this project include making and exhibiting non-classical shirts and wearable art pieces enriched with prints, embroidery, textures, paintings and the documentation of the processes.

Madhuri Rao

Student Participants

Aditi Jain, Aradhana Venkat, Avanee Sanjay Datye, Avantika Subramanian, Barbara Chelsea Mascarenhas, Charmaine Sah, Divya Prabha J, Karthika M, Megha Machado, Priyanka Viral Shah, Ridhima Bhutani, Saili Ravindra Palyekar, Srishti Raina, Tanvi Bhatnagar, Uttara Mohan Nanda, Vikram Rakesh Khurana, Harshita Konger.