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Bio Theatre

Artist: Thomas Pausz
Facilitator: Roccio Fatas

What happens when biology as a science and theatre as an artistic format collide? Can we transform the apparatus and scenarios of real biological experiments to create new stories and meaning? The Bio-Theatre project will introduce students to hands-on and experimental work in collaboration with the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS). Students will explore the NCBS archive of biological experiments and create their own artistic translations. Some of the possible outcomes will include live or recorded artistic translations of biological experiments and a collective reflection on the meeting points between scientific and artistic practice.

Roccio Fatas

Students participants

Aanya Gujral, Adisha Khandual, Anavi Dhawan, Avani Charudatta Babar, Diya Ullas, Jahnavee Baruah, Jumana Mustafa Motiwala, Kriti Bhogal, Rebecca Ria Mathew, S Aishwarya, Vikram Vinay Pradhan, Vinathi Nilesh Dedhia.