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Performance Project: Bats of Bangalore

Artists: Nikolaus Witty and Till Wyler Von Ballmoos

Bats of Bangalore is an artistic research project about the metaphorical meaning of blindness and ideas about changing the point of view. In the myth of Oedipus, two antagonists, King Oedipus and the blind fortuneteller Teiresias, meet. In spite of the intact eyesight, Oedipus fails to see his own tragedy. However, the blind Teiresias recognises the imminent catastrophe. How does Oedipus manage to change his point of view to gain insight into his identity? In the essay from 1974 entitled “What is it like to be a bat?”, the philosopher Thomas Nagel treats the difficulties in capturing awareness in others. Leveraging the image of a bat, Nagel seeks a radical change in how we experience things, in order to explore “what is it like to be…”. The thesis about changing the vantage point of our sensual and cognitive abilities in the Oedipus myth and Nagel’s essay serve as the literary foundation for this project. The students develop 10 short performance essays as interventions in the public space at Cubbon Park Metro Station. The workshop about theatre and performance is conducted by Till Wyler von Ballmoos and Nikolaus Witty.

Student Participants

Ishita Begani, Jayanti Dave, Mihika Sanjay, Ladhani, Rithika Pandey, Animesh Chand Srivastav, Saumya Somasekharan, Tanvi Rhea Palathinkal, Natania Priyanka Allan, Shreya Rajeev Kulkarni, Chris Anderson Luiz, Shreya Mishra, Pragya Joshi, Surabhi Pravin Bolangady, Nandini Negi, Sachin Bhatt.