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Camera Praxis 2: Disconnect

Artist: Mriganka Madhukaillya
Facilitator: Sonal Arjun Godhania

India has gone through many layers of transformation that has constantly changed its core ontological beliefs. Colonialism, the advent of the modern state and the rapid transformation brought on by technology and a penchant to adapt multiple sub-cultures, the local youth find it difficult to place their identity and their sense of self. “Various selves... make up our composite Self. There are constant and often shock-like transitions between these selves….” states Erik Erikson in Identity: Youth and Crisis (1968). This project therefore tries to reclaim the heritage in ways and in a language that is contemporary and meaningful to the youth today so as to give a coherent sense of identity which in not in conflict with their tradition and heritage. The project explores two main worlds. World 1, which is the hyper-real technoculture that we inhabit; the contemporary sub culture of the youth steeped in social media, gaming, internet and AI. World 2, which is the inherited world of customs, cultural beliefs and heritage of the participants. Based on both, the students will be guided to create plots and scenarios based on the idea of the future and make that into a short film that is between fiction and reality. These will be explored by examining present trends and personal narratives and stories. There will also be screening of relevant films in these workshops.

Sonal Arjun Godhania

Student Particpants

Aashif S Khan, Abhirup Mozumdar, Bhaswati Banerjee, Kavya, Narayanan, Kyra John Pereira, Mansa Chitlangia, Nishi Banka, Priyanka Jasani, Rutuja Sanjeev Phadtare, Shivani Tushar Javeri, Tanvi Chowdhary, Yashasvi Singh Shekhawat.