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Artist: Kruno Jost
Facilitator: Prakrithy Pradeepkumar

The Ecocentric project will research and document different practices in connection to human and plant/animal communication and question the viewer’s position in the art world. Students will research on agricultural practices in rural areas as well as the tradition of dialog between humans and non-humans. Students will be guided to do site-specific work including sound and video recording, photographing, documenting and note-taking on different practices, editing as well as construction and wood sculpturing. The students will work on creating and documenting a site-specific installation that can run on renewable energy sources. Possible outcome will include site-specific multimedia (sound) installation preferably run on renewable energy that can be situated in a public space, preferably with flora and fauna.

Prakrithy Pradeepkumar

Student Participants

AAditi Boggaram, Antara Raman, Arianth Tejas Belliraj, C Nikitha, Gajal Jain, Ishan Srivastava, Kshitij Chaudhuri, Lakshmi Mrugendra Behere, Matthew Arnold Mata, Neeraj Saraswat, Rudradutt Ranade, Shraddha Rastogi, Shrishti Kedlaya, Swarnima Bavadeep, Tirtharaj Paul.