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Experimental Documentary Lab

Artists: Anja Dornieden, Bernd Luetzeler and Juan David González Monroy
Facilitators: Kurush Canteenwala, MariaLaura Ghidini and Shai Heredia

Experimental Documentary LAB will explore the potential of the 16mm film to create works that challenge the standard practices of documentary filmmaking. In this project, a small team of students will work with the artists on a Bangalore-specific concept that will be shot with Bolex cameras on 16mm black and white film. Students will be introduced to analogue/chemical film-processing techniques in a darkroom. They will also have an opportunity to use methods such as camera-less animation and contact printing. Possible outcomes of this project will include experimenting with alternative approaches to exhibiting/screening of the footages including multiple projections, film installations, projector modification and live performances.

Kurush Canteenwala

Maria Laura

Shai Heredia

Student Participants

Diya Sharma, Kiran James Irkal, Pavithra Sreekumar, Rutwij Neeraj Paranjape, Shazia DeSousa, Shraddha Lohia, Sujat Roy, Vaishnavi Jitendra Newaskar, Waivasvata Manu, Sai Harsha, Sanjana Singh, Sahir Hariharan, Shashwat, Megha T J, Lothika Sharat Jha, R Sarabhi Varshini, Anala Tanmaya Rao, Sidharth Saxena.