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Artist: Manjari Kaul
Facilitator: Naini Arora

Does gender exist in Cyberspace? And if it does, what is the connection between online identity and the corporal body? In this project, the students investigate the idea of a gendered cyberspace. Whilst our physical reality seems to make choices regarding our sexual identities on our behalf, the virtual reality would seem to allow us to be who and what we want, whenever we want. The project will explore our online-constructed gender and sexuality and its relation to what we have offline and the interaction of the two. Through the medium of performance, Students will explore and investigate the idea of violence against women in cyberspace. Through cyber vigil, they will also experiment with construction of new identities though digital performance and come to a conclusion about the reality of the virtual violence.

Naini Arora

Student Participants

Kavya Murugan, Krishna Pranav Vaddiparthi, Maanvi Chowdhary, Madhur Arora, Maria Rose George, Shreya Garg, Oindrila Sen, Ananya Ghosh, Shibani Pandey, Shoray Madan, Sristi Nandi, Vandana P, Divya Rajvanshi, Shradha Patel, Aadya Vibhuti, Tehmina D Chaudhuri, Shivani Kannan.