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Artist: Arushi Poddar
Facilitator: Geeta Chakradhar

This project will explore the idea of identity, gender and violence through multiple art mediums and forms while constantly cushioning it with therapeutic theatre and movement techniques. Using the healing aspects of psycho drama and drama therapy along with the fun and play of theatre exercises, students will be gently facilitated to unfold their active imagination, trigger creativity, learning, insight and growth. The exercises are designed to give equal validity to body, mind and emotions using verbal and non verbal methods of expression.The drama games will encourage an emotional outlet in a non judgemental and safe environment. The project will also include introduction to the Theatre of the Oppressed, Theatre of the Living and Playback theatre. Students will also be guided to explore therapeutic art mediums and cards to begin the introspective process, explore the mind-body connect as well as attempt the non-violent communication dance walk.

Geeta Chakradhar

Student Participants

Jahnvi Singh, Malaika N Shah, Nisha Rangdal, Roshni Kapoor, Bhargavi G, Subholakshmi Mukherjee, Ayushi Arun Shah, Rujuta Raghavendra Sondur, Tanya Ballal, Anshumaan Indrajit Sathe, Pooja Dhananjay Konde, Srushti Devdutta Gangawanwale, Vaishnavi Chitrapu, Yohaan A Kukreja, Shailja Pradeep Pasari, Payal Darekar.