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Searching for water: Hydrolab Bangalore

Artist: Serkan Taycan
Facilitator: Yadu Rajiv

The Hydrolab project is an interdisciplinary, ecological-artistic research platform for students to examine water in its relations with the city, investigate its usage and its impact on the settlement and topography of the city. Through this project, students will trace the rivers in the city that have disappeared due to rapid urban growth. Structured as multidisciplinary, this project will use lab-form as the base for the students to investigate the water issues in the city. Students will be introduced to mapping as a tool to bring them together within the geospatial context of an urban center, they will also learn mapping practices and their uses in artistic context and understand their own relationship with the city as an individual/a resident/a citizen. Students will be encouraged to explore the waterscapes of the city, photograph, shoot and do sound recordings and these will be further worked on and exhibited. This material collected by the students in their explorations will be worked on to create the final exhibition.

Yadu Rajiv

Student Participants

Aman Baath, Anula Narasimhan, Avanti Pravin, Deshpande, Avijit Singh, Hans Sidharth Palamadai, Nidhi Dakle, Rimjhim Agarwal, Shruti Tiwari, Tanvi Khandelwal, Tanvi Robin Mehta, Anusuya Krishnaswamy, Antara Valli Madavane.