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Artist: Brinda Jacob Janvrin
Facilitator: Varshini Aripirala

The intuitive body is central to this project’s explorations for its capacity to bridge the conscious and unconscious and the inner and outer experience. The students will be guided to use authentic movement practices as a language for accessing deep layers of inner knowing, feeling, memory, sensation, and possibility organized in the living library of the body. Longings, fears, emotion, and unrealized impulses are allowed to emerge from the body-mind consciousness and be understood and integrated. While movement and dance are the priority language, this is complemented by text and voice for the final showing.

Varshini Aripirala

Student Participants

Kavya Anna Kodianthara, Khushi Mayank, Barjatya, Manasi Mahesh Kulkarni, Sneha Roy, Anmol S, Nimisha Venugopal, Shalini Ray, Disha Mittal, Chinmay Phatak, Nikita Elisa Braganca, Ananya Singh, Shriya Arvind Datye, Shailja Pradeep Pasari, G Sruti, Tanisha Maria Naik, Krishna K.