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Lake diaries

Artist: Srinivas Kuruganti
Facilitator: Minakshi Singh

Lake Diaries is a photography-based project that investigates the effects of Bangalore's rapid growth on the city’s lakes and other water bodies. Through studying the deterioration and pollution of the lakescapes, the students will be guided to explore and understand the relationship between industries and local communities. Through this project, the students will be introduced to the history of environmental photography and perform experiments with documentary practices. They will also investigate the impact of urbanization and industrial waste on water bodies. Students will work on-site examining a specific lake and document the communities that live along the lakeshore, their interactions, the changing ecosystem and way of life around the lake and the overall impact of human activity on the ecology. Possible outcomes include exhibition of student’s photographic work and work-in-progress. Students will also exhibit their research and findings to emphasize the politics and other events and changes that let to the current state of the lake.

Minakshi Singh

Student Participants

Aashish Shakeel, Anoushka Kush Garg, Atiya Mishra, Chrisha Abigail Fernandes, Dushyant Dhiren, Ishani Deepak Bhagat, Niharika Nopany, Aumika Vikram Shetty, Samresh Sandeep Shrivastava, Sanah Devika Rao, Sara Samar Oswal, Saurav Radhakrishnan, Soumya M, Soumya Marhual, Sukhmani Kaur Bedi.