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Place in Orbit

Artist: Thomas Heidtmann
Facilitator: Syed Gowhar Andrabi

Place In Orbit is an extensive, long-term project and students will be working on the realization of its first stage. Through this project, students will get a chance to work on creating satellite-inspired interactive objects that can communicate with each other and with the visitors in an exhibition space. Students will experiment with using light, sound, sensors, projections, and augmented reality to create the installation. Organized for Bangalore Fantastic, a 3-day public focused event, this installation will be centered around India’s historic launch of over 100 satellites into outer space. Students will work with testing materials and sensors and they will be guided to build physical objects and make them share streams of data. Students will also experiment with virtual 3D objects that can be used for the AR-layer. Pre-knowledge or a skill in one of these fields is required to participate. The aim of the project is to produce several Cubesat-like objects that can be influenced through a mission control station. Additionally, students will work on an augmented reality layer using an ipad and ARkit.

Syed Gowhar Andrabi

Student Participants

Adithya Reddy, Aditya Balasaheb Tupe, Apurva Pathak, Chhaya Joshi, Indranil Roy, Miloni Hitesh Shah, Neha Bhalchandra, Nikhil Laxmikant Vipradas, Nikita Deshpande, Pooja Pandey, Pranav Viswanath R, Prerna Deepak Shinde, Ritika Ratnani.