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Rainbow Cart 2017, Bangalore

Artist: Tsuneo Sekiguchi
Facilitator: Prakash Babu

The Rainbow Cart project aims at using artist tools, music, mirrors and the sun to make rainbows inside mobile vessels that can move on wheels. Students will be guided to find and use the mobile objects, vehicles and also learn how to make and use rainbows to create the experience. The objective of this project is to research on how one’s body and mind are affected by light and colours generated from an encounter between sun and water. Students will be introduced to using natural materials that can be turned into dark surfaces on which refracted light can be projected. Through this project, students will explore how to create a space for spontaneous encounter where participants and audience can interact in their own ways. Students will be guided to create a series of interactive installations – Rainbow carts - that intend to define a space which didn’t exist before and which is not codified by social-economical standard rules or by any predefined purpose. The installations are intended to be movable and to be exhibited at various sites.

Prakash Babu

Student Participants

Aashritha Raju, Bhagyashree Narendra Gajare Isha Gourinadh Chennuru, Khushboo Hemedrasinh Vansia, Padamchitt Saxena, Priyanka Pillai, Radha Pennathur, Ritika Hiten Uppal, Safwan Husain, Saishree Rajesh Bandekar, Sanjiti Sharma, Shivangi Agarwal, Shreya Ajay Mehta, Sneha Anand, Swanand Shripad Joshi, Ujan Mitra.