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Visualizing the invisible

Artist: Inhye Lee.
Facilitator: Sujata Ramesh Pudale

Visualizing the Invisible is about visualizing natural phenomena that are otherwise invisible or perceived only in a way familiar to us. Nature humbles, makes us focus and come to our senses against the seemingly busy and entangled life we have. Envisaged as a combination of a workshop and a project, the students will be encouraged to immerse and understand various natural phenomena related to magnetic fields and wind, water or solar movement. They will be introduced to artists whose work visualize natural phenomenon, or who uses natural phenomenon as inspiration and/or as tools for their artistic exploration. Students will be taken through several data visualization projects as well as be familiarized with arduino-based sensor systems and creative coding environment (processing, MaxMSP). During the duration of the project, students will attempt to work on several experiments with a personal, humorous, interdisciplinary and scientific approach. Students will share online journals that will document the conceptual and technical development of their project. Possible outcomes of this project could be interactive, physical installations or creation of objects that utilizes natural forces. The aim is to produce at least two screen-based interactive installation or a physical installation or objects that utilizes the natural forces.

Sujata Ramesh Pudale

Student Participants

Anupa Ann Joshy, Aparajita Dinesh Patil, Mili Bajaj, Nithya Balakrishnan, Poorva Radhe Goel, Pragya Sinha, Ranjani Shantanu Tavargeri, Rhea Rajesh, Ritvik Khushu, Rohan Manohar, Shireen Khatri, Sirjana Kaur, Swetha Ramachandran, Vedika Kasat, Yash Jain, Yastika Prakash Shetty.