Writing Center


The Writing Centre at Srishti is one of the most sought after ancillaries of the institution. On an average, it deals with at least ten students a week, providing support to individual concerns of students in the areas of academic or creative writing. Since its conceptualization in 2013, the Centre is actively involved in helping students develop proposals, publish their writings and provides guidance in writing for applications for higher studies abroad and in the country. The Centre also provides support to the members of the faculty at Srishti, in teaching writing in their respective disciplines.


The Writing Centre at Srishti aims to encourage and develop the writing skills of the students. Writing is a key element to and of communication. Through the act of writing, the Centre looks to foster and promote critical engagement with the relationship between design thinking and documentation. The aim is to also emphasise the process of writing - writing, editing, rewriting and proofreading.

In a world where good writing has become a premium, the Writing Centre at Srishti actively intends to fill the gap by encouraging and nurturing good writing skills in the students.

Deliverables/What We Do:

The Writing Centre operates as a democratic space where each student is welcomed and encouraged to become better writers. Through one-on-one tutoring sessions, students are guided through the intricate process of writing. Emphasis is laid on helping students understand conceptual issues, as well as grammatical problems in their papers. The Writing Centre at Srishti helps students understand assignments, brainstorm, organize, focus, and develop their written works in order to become effective writers.

We conduct Re-Visit Workshops at the start of each Academic year to introduce students to the various aspects of writing. This two week workshop takes the students on a myriad tour of the tools of writing, whether it be flash fiction, technical writing, lyrical verse or report writing.

We provide workshops on plagiarism and creative commons for different batches several times during the academic year. Individual tutoring sessions are available on a weekly basis depending on the available slots.

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